July 14, 2010

5 Fashion Myths That Need to End!

People make up weird rules about fashion. I know people who refuse to wear a color because they don't think it looks good on them. I find it odd so I wanted to put what I thought are the 5 biggest fashion myths to rest.

5. No white after Labor Day. I wish this myth would end! I still no people who think they can't wear something white, whether it's shoes or a handbag because it's not after Memorial Day and before Labor Day. Who cares what season it is... I think white looks great in the winter!

4. Gold and silver jewelry don't go. Yes they do... not much else I can say. I think you just need to find the right tones of silver and gold to go together.

3. Flats can't be worn by short people.
I'm petite myself and don't subscribe to the idea that since I have short legs I can't wear flats. So many short women I know think that wearing flats make their legs look shorter. I disagree. I think a woman's leg can still look like a lean line wearing flats. Find a good pair of jeans that fit and hit at the right length. If you wear jeans that are too long then yes flats look weird.

2. Loose fit clothes hide your figure. Women sometimes have issues with their weight (I feel your pain), but wearing baggy clothes doesn't mean people aren't going to notice. In fact, I think it makes you look heavier! I think wearing clothes that FIT is the best way to hide any unwanted weight you would like to hide.

1. Black is always slimming. This can relate to #2. I HATE when women think a tight black dress will slim them down better than a more figure flattering red (or any other color) dress. Simply not true. Clothes that fit are the best way to show off your figure... bottom line.

Also could be on the list: Skinny jeans are only for skinny people.

What myths would you add?

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