June 24, 2010

The Short Hair Trend!

I think the short hair trend is popular right now, not only because it's summer but because women want to shed a lot of conceptions about them. Removing their extensions isn't only practical in this heat but also is a way for them to step away from the "beautiful people" of Hollywood. Even 24-year old actresses are getting tired of the business and retiring (i.e. Amanda Bynes!)

A great example is when Lady Gaga appeared on Larry King... dressed like Larry King! It was brilliant! Gaga who is also about female empowerment definitely demonstrated what I think a lot of celebrity women have been feeling... don't put me in a box! There is a such a cookie-cutter society in Hollywood and I'm sure talented females, such as Gaga, get frustrated getting told they need to fit into it. One great way to fight that- chop it off! It is similar to when a woman goes through a break up and gets a new hairstyle. A great thing of power that we have is our hair.

It reminds me of the documentary Chris Rock made "Good Hair." Great movie! He discusses the money and risks women go to for great hair. Why? Because we feel like it is part of our identity. I personally admire women who are bald or have pixie cuts because I don't like myself with short hair. I think you have to be a true beauty to pull off that look!

Going short is definitely not a new trend, but it is interesting to see that a lot of young starlets are doing it:

Christina Aguilera has been sporting a short 'do lately. Not only is it a practical haircut for the mom on the go, but she is also trying to sell an album, Bionic.

Rihanna seems to be going shorter every day!

Solange Knowles who will forever be known as Beyonce's sister... poor thing.

Carey Mulligan is quickly on her way to becoming one of our great actress, but definitely has separated herself with her pixie cut. (I will also applaud my crush, Shia LaBeouf, for snatching up this great woman!)

What do you think of these celebs cutting their hair? Are they saying something or just rocking a new trend?

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