June 24, 2010

Ruffles for My Birthday!

For my birthday I've been keeping an eye out for cute party dresses. I wasn't really sure what I had in mind, until the Express catalog came in the mail. On the front was this gorgeous ruffled dress (above). I thought "this is the dress I want for my birthday!" It cost $69.90 which I didn't think was too high of a price for a dress.

However, when I looked it up on the Express website it didn't look as pretty as it did when styled. Also, the color said "pink" when I thought it looked more "coral." Needless to say, I was let down... and continued my search. This past weekend I finally made a trip to Target (so sorry if this dress isn't new to all of you) when I spotted this adorable dress:

And I love it! It fits really well, which I was surprised and is very flattering to my figure. For $19.99, I thought it was a great look-a-like of the original dress of what I wanted. But I ended up happier with the cheaper version- surprise! This is why I love Target!

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