June 26, 2010

R.I.P. Michael Jackson 1 Year Later

I remember hearing the news of Michael Jackson's death last year. I was in Hong Kong going down the elevator when the news was on the TV was showing a picture of Michael, but it wasn't in English. I went down to have breakfast and asked why Michael Jackson was on the news and my professor told me. It was so shocking and sad. He was the "King of Pop" and had such tremendous influence. People all over the world mourned his death, very much like Princess Diana.

Nothing is probably more iconic than his 'Thriller' album. We all could put aside any allegations against the pop singer and just remember his music. The radio stations played all Michael all day. I think one positive thing, if you can even say that, was that a young generation who only knew him as the weird guy in pajamas at court go to hear his music. Fashion was quickly influenced by his fashion again: red leather jackets, the glove. Kids who never knew Michael Jackson in his glory days soon started appreciating his music. That was great for me.

We miss you MJ!

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