June 28, 2010

Does Anyone Listen to the Radio Anymore?

Call me old school, but to fall asleep I like to listen to music... not on my iPod but on my radio/cassette player (yes they still make those). It came out of function. First, it kills the battery less to shuffle through the stations rather than with the songs of an iPod. And secondly, I could hear 'new' songs (I say new with quotes because they are new to me). You can't download all the songs that radio stations have collected. So if I flipped I usually could find a good selection. However, lately that isn't true.

I know they say the radio industry is dying so I would assume they would play MORE or BETTER music rather than 3 radio stations in a row playing Lady Gaga's "Alejandro." I am apparently wrong. Not sure if they don't have the money to get new music now or if they have completely given up. All I know is that listening to the radio isn't working for me anymore. It saddens me because it has been my little bedtime tradition since high school (at least 10 years- eek!). So now I'm not sure what to do.

Do I switch over to the battery sucking iPod? Or use Pandora, which I listen to during the day on my computer? But I have to download it on my phone which will suck the battery life. Quite the dilemma!

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