June 24, 2010

Cool Art Idea: Using Lipstick

Not too long ago there was a art exhibit called "Lipstick Portraits" in New York City that was meant to draw attention to sex trafficking. It showed several famous people, men and women, wearing red lipstick. I thought it was a great idea and was unique.

Jonathan Kroppmann posing for "Lipstick Portraits"

Another artist used lipstick in an unique fashion. Livea Marin, an artist from Chile, used 2,200 lipsticks and molded them into unique shapes:

And an artist from Brussels, Vincent Olinet, carved out this glossy lipstick. However upon closer inspection the lipstick has rough edges. He says he likes "to make shiny, colorful art pieces that appeal to our dreams... but actually deal with decay or disillusion." (Source)

What do you think of these artists use of lipstick? Is it creative or unoriginal?

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