June 24, 2010

3 Guys I Thought Were Hot in High School

My parents just moved into a new house and my mom wanted to put some posters on my wall to decorate my room. Of course, I requested something New York (where I live but also my love!). She was relieved at my mature response... she thought I was going to say Jonas Brothers (ha!). It made me realize that I did have some interesting fellas framed on my wall in my old room.

1. 50 Cent (yep, that exact poster!). It probably shocked and horrified my mother when her 14-year old daughter had a poster of a gangster rapper with bullet shattered glass in front of him. But oddly, she has grown to like him!

2. Vin Diesel. What ever happened to him? I was obsessed with Fast & the Furious (the original) when it came out because of him (oh that voice!). Still have it on DVD. I thought he was the hottest thing, until he did The Pacifier. Oh fond memories.

3. Zach Hanson (the youngest Hanson brother). I must confess that I screamed like a little girl when I read that Hanson was releasing a new album this month! I miss them! I had such a crush on the youngest one, Zach. 1) He was the drummer (my favorite member of a band, usually) and 2) we were close in age (so it could work!). But now he's married (what?!)!

*Note: Johnny Depp was also framed in my room, but he is not listed because he will ALWAYS be framed in any room I live in. He is the sexiest man alive! Thank you.*

What do you think of my list? Who do you have framed in your room?

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