June 28, 2010

2010 BET Awards

Ciara looked fierce

Last night was the 10th annual BET Awards (can't believe it's only 10) and they honored Prince! I can't stop singing Purple Rain now. Patti LaBelle killed it! There was an all girl dedication, featuring a pregnant Alicia Keys rolling around on top of the piano and one of my fashion idols, Janelle Monae going crazy to "Let's Go Crazy!" See for yourself:

I have such a style crush on Janelle Monae! I love her mix of menswear and kind of rockabilly flare. I wish I could dress as cool as she does. Ciara may be my best dressed of the night. Fergie and Cassie have been debated in the blogosphere.

I personally liked Cassie's outfit. Not her hair (half shaved- awful!) and furry purse. But I think she has the body to pull off a bandeau top. It was bold and I applaud her.

Fergie on the other hand. It had a great fit, but the tuxedo tail in the back killed it for me. So I vote Nay.

Overall it was a pretty good show! I know I'd rather be there than the MTV Awards snooze fest. Also, I was SO looking forward to seeing Justin Bieber there but he was apparently touring so didn't make it. That was going to make my night if he won (haha!). And then there was Chris Brown... I will not go there.

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