February 7, 2010

Generation Whin-Y

As in Y chromosomes. If this Superbowl 40 showed me this weekend was that we are raising a generation of whiny boys (not men). Women do watch football, but all of the commercials focused on men. Not even older men with their ED commercials. 85% were beer oriented. However, the most that stood out to me as the "whiniest" was the Dodge Charger commercial. See for yourself:

Clearly complaining somehow that women and girlfriends are "holding them down." God forbid they have to shave their face or watch some TV shows.

The "Daily Show" even cracked jokes about this topic during a recent episode. Samantha Bee, the only female correspondent on the show, visited male support groups. Where men (if you can call them that) stood in trust circles and talked about how their wives were keeping them down. The segment ended with her shouting "Stop being pussies!" I agree.

For the first time ever (if not a really long time) men are becoming a minority. In the workforce and on college campuses. Now they want to cry about it. Well, us women shouldn't feel that sorry for them because they are experiencing a bruised ego. They've controlled (if I do say, somewhat poorly) the world for centuries. Now they don't control everything and what do they want to do, complain about women. Sorry fellahs, we don't want to hear your complaints. Welcome to our world!

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