October 20, 2009

TV Gets Too Inventive For It's Own Good

The audacity of NBC putting a new time slot of Jay Leno has stirred up negative feelings by the networks. First, the other networks were STRONGLY encouraging their TV show stars from appearing as guest on the 10pm show. Now, the 11 o'clock news is the new complainer. They claim that the Leno show is not giving them the lead in that they would usually get from a high drama. I call bullshit. Who watches the 11 o'clock news anymore? Leno's low ratings are not the problem. I'm not sure what the fuss is about having a talk show at 10pm, the networks (even NBC) are acting like it's the apocalypse that the Mayan's predicted. NBC did it to save money, which they should be grateful because they're 4th place right now. They try to be inventive and apparently they went too far for their own comfort level. How outrageous is it to have a talk show at 10pm? Not that crazy TV people. CALM DOWN!

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