October 2, 2009

10 Worst 80s Fashion Trends That Keep Coming Back! Part 2

6: Bold Shoulder. It is coming back in a big way for Fall. And I am none to please about it. People like to liken it more to a robotic, futuristic look. But people let’s just call it what it is… a shoulder pad! So gross and so unnecessary. Girls with a cute frame make themselves into a triangle. Fun for the editorial spreads, but not for getting groceries.

7: Western. Now I am not opposed to a cowboy boot here or a plaid button up here. It is when the whole look is a complete John Wayne movie that I cringe. Don’t overdo it on the Old West style folks.

8: Blue Eyeshadow. In many editorials there is the smoky eye for Fall with blue hues. I thought it was a great look and asked my friend (who is in beauty school) to try it for my birthday. I looked like a cross of Cleopatra on crack and Mimi from the Drew Carey show. I say keep this trend to the editorial pages ladies.

9: Tartan Plaid. This was a "punk" trend starting with the Sex Pistols front man Johnny Rotten. Yet somehow fashionistas who don't even know who he is are wearing it. Sometimes its in too high of a dose. Plaid should be kept neutral in an outfit. NEVER MIX PLAID WITH STRIPES!

10: Slashed Up Jeans. Now even leggings are the razor treatment. What are you trying to look like? A ripped stocking is the look of hookers on the street. It's not a cute trend to have a hint of your ass showing.

Hope you enjoyed. Remember, this is just list. If these are part of your style then keep on rocking them. They always good in small doses and the eighties gave us some great looks!

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