September 28, 2009

Got Milk? Ads Meet High Fashion

World-renowned designer Carolina Herrera posed for a Got Milk ad along with her daughter (who is also named Carolina Herrera). I have to say I found this to be a very odd match up in marketing. Those of us who keep a close eye on the fashion industry (or even studied it) know of Ms. Herrera, but I'm not so sure any of my family would. Michael Kors became a household name not because of his designs but because he was the "cute gay designer" on Project Runway-- according to the older women in my life. It made me chuckle because I know him as a fashion designer first and a TV personality second. However, Ms. Herrera hasn't made herself a household name like Mr. Kors so why would Got Milk approach her. The first line of the ad states: "Fabric is my livelihood, and good health is the fabric of my life." The "fabric of my life" is a straight rip off of the Cotton Inc. commercials. But that's another topic. How does this national ad expect most of Americans to know Carolina Herrera as a fabric expert? It is not a very catchy phrasing they try to sell. I think Diane von Furstenberg would have been a better choice because she has been on TV for Amex commercials and on MTV's The City. I think this was a miss for the milk campaign-- but I do love milk and used to be a collector of the Got Milk? ads.

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