September 24, 2009

10 Worst 80s Fashion Trends That Keep Coming Back! (pt.1)

Oh how we love our 80’s. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and guys wanted Jenny’s number. It is an era that is not only remembered for excessive but for being eccentric. It is the last decade where people weren’t afraid to have a bold personal style. Yes, they may have been clueless about the politics of the world but they had a side ponytail—no one could stop them! Although with the good, there comes the bad. Designers always recycle or “reinvent” trends from the eighties. They revive trends that NEVER should be relived and should remain stuck in the eighties. In no particular order, here are the 10 worst 80s fashion trends that keep coming back:

1: Acid Wash Jeans. Why? No one may ever know. It was pretty clear to some twenty years ago what a horrible fashion statement this was, yet now we see today’s fashionistas dressing in them. It is essentially blotted bleach all over your jeans. Why is that cool to wear? Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth… put them away.

2: Crimped Hair. Every once in awhile a young star will crimp her hair. Christina Aguilera had that awful poodle afro in the 90s for an award show. It’s unhealthy and damages your hair severely. Avoid at all costs- unless there is a themed 80s party.

3: Neon, in any form.

Wendy Williams just wore a blinding green dress to the Daytime Emmy's that made me shake my head. Neon colored jeans is not flattering on any figure! Joe Jonas keeps wearing V-neck neon T-shirts that make me scream. Yes, a bolder color can be a great accent but let’s keep the highlighters to our textbooks please.

4: Leg Warmers. What were we thinking? This has come back to taken many life forms. First, it was just a literal translation which I guess didn’t sit well with consumers (go us!) to then scrunching the sock over the jean and bootie. WHAT? Once again, maybe only works if you are a size0 and 5’9" tall. Then in the fall it was a lot of long, thick socks that peaked out of the boot top. Oh yes, let’s have sock cleavage now. Socks, long or short, should always be an item worn for practicality not fashion.

5: Spandex. I know with the whole “yoga” craze that people wear the lounge pants. However, I am more opposed to the leggings—especially Capri leggings. They are only a trend that skinny, long-legged women can wear which is not the majority of the population. I see so many females trying to wear this trend and I just want to tell them they can’t! Don’t do it!

That's Part 1 of 2. Enjoy folks!


  1. So I just happen to come across this and you shouldn't be telling people what they can and can't wear. Fashion and style is supposed to be expressive and free and you feel good in what you wear no matter what it is. Also, I happen to be a larger person and I wear leggings fantastically!

  2. I've been reading your blog and I love, love, love the reviews and the mani DIYs. But I kinda agree with the above comment. I think the best kind of fashion includes what expresses your personality and your own style. Personally, I love (and have recently worn) most of the above. LOL I paired acid washed skinny jeans with a long sweater and boots, crimped part of my hair for a friend's b-day party, love neon costume jewelry, and I'm a sucker for thick leg warmers (especially with tights and flats...)

    Instead of criticizing, maybe you can blog about what you do like? =) I'm curious to see - especially based on the other (positive) posts I've read here...


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