August 8, 2009

R.I.P. John Hughes

Being an 80s baby myself, the news of John Hughes death was saddening. "Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink," and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" are classics! Anyone who grew up in the eighties knows and understands this fact. These movies encapsulate the "teenage angst" of that era in a pretty package. Oh, and how can we forget the soundtracks! (To die for) Not many modern directors can claim the recognition that Mr. Hughes can when one mentions a "John Hughes movie." What comes to mind when you hear a Michael Mann film? Exactly. Describing someone as a great director is not only measured by the box office success but also the longevity of a film. Michael Bay can gross $400 million with the new Transformers film, but will it stick in the audiences heart for as long as "Sixteen Candles" has? Highly unlikely. I dare you to have a marathon of John Hughes movies and not fall in love with one of them. R.I.P. John Hughes and those warm fuzzy 80s movies.

Classic scene from "Sixteen Candles" that make every girls heart melt.

The time capsule that is the "Breakfast Club."

Ferris Bueller (a young Matthew Broderick) defying authority.

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