August 15, 2009

Product Test: Purex 3-in-1

Today, I decided to try out the new Purex laundry detergent product "Purex Complete: 3-in-1." As a New Yorker, I have to spend around 3 bucks for a load of laundry so I'd rather buy more underwear then do laundry every two or so weeks. Also, the lugging of detergent, dryer sheets and other necessities down to the basement was something that caught my attention to the Purex Complete.

I have not done laundry in close to 2 months so it was a real test for the Purex product. I tested my sheets, a dark and a white load, as well as "delicates." The product comes in a plastic container somewhat resembling the Swiffer package that stands up. Easy to flip off the top, with a "window" that allows you to see when you're running low or it flips out allowing you to easily remove a sheet. The three in one are supposed to be detergent, softener, and anti-static. Attached is a little booklet explaining the product. Also, they are so convinced that you're going to love the product-- Purex offers you a coupon! You can keep the box and simply buy refills.

After the wash, the color strip looked pretty beat up. According to the handout, the strip is heat activated and acts as the softener as well as removes static.

After drying, the clothes smelled good (not great) and I was more impressed with the whites than dark load. It helped get most of the stains out... granted there were some tough ones. I was very pleased with how it kept my whites, well white.

So overall, I was very pleased and would use it again but probably not until I'm done with my current detergent. I'm not sure how it goes with sensitive skin, but if you're not one of those types and are looking to buy another detergent then I would recommend it!

Now you may ask what this has to do with fashion. And I will tell you. It gives us an idea of what the consumer is moving towards in terms of needs. All in one products that make their everyday lives easier. I have long envied men for not needing to lug around a purse to carry all their essentials. With the Tide new "complete" detergent competing with this product, perhaps fashion will start shifting to a more functional purpose. One way could be to have more functional pockets for women that can coincide with men's easy travel necessities. Of course, on designer shows such as Project Runway some designers have come up with Ipod pouches and even inserted solar panels to some of their designs. While this may be a little ahead of the fashion curve, I think it is interesting to track the success of such laundry products as they may be a telling sign of the future.

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