August 24, 2009

The New Meat on the Market

As a female football fan, it can be bothersome when I try to discuss the happenings of the NFL to my female friends. “Why are they called the New York Giants if they play in New Jersey?” But one thing they know about football is good looking quarterbacks. Tom Brady?! Isn’t he married to Gisele. Now the new meat on the market is Mark Sanchez. Women know who he is probably not for his great arm or outstanding game with the Trojans against Penn State in the Rose Bowl sadly. But maybe for a few other reasons—his great smile, his charming personality, or his spread in GQ shirtless. Quite frankly I am just pleased that they can at least name one player on a team. Jessica Simpson may have “cursed” Tony Romo but I don’t see the downfall of women becoming interested in the sport because there’s a good looking QB. I say the more the merrier and maybe now men and women can enjoy the sport together—just as long as she doesn’t say he has a cute butt.

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