August 8, 2009

Movie Review: "Away We Go"

A refreshing "indie" film from the director Sam Mendes (Revolutionary Road, American Beauty) Away We Go stars SNL alum Maya Rudolph and The Office's John Krasinski in a story about finding home. Maya gets to show off her giant belly bump while playing expecting mother Verona. Burt, played by John, and Verona take a road trip to find the best place to raise their soon-to-be daughter. Their "family" members are played by great legends (including Jeff Daniels) and explores modern day families. They visit Tuscon, Madison and Montreal all before finding HOME. The story really grabs your heart and also makes you laugh. I also enjoyed the "hippie," low-key fashion worn by the two stars. John Krasinski's beard is awesome! And his character Jim on The Office should be forced to have one. If you need a break from explosions and robots in your movies, I highly recommend this movie.

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