August 17, 2009

Mad Men Returns!

The long awaited return of Mad Men finally arrived! My favorite show is starting it's 3rd season and I'm so excited. This season things are shaking up and it is going to be quite a ride. The show started out with some new accents at Sterling Cooper, the Brits are here! Peggy is starting to bond more with Joan, the office manager now that she is a leading lady with her own office. She doesn't quite understand the office dynamics and Joan is the perfect person to show her the ropes. There was a provocative gay scene (which I was thrilled about because there has been a lack of men-on-men kissing scenes on TV lately!) Betty is well into her pregnancy, but Don seems to be up to his usual antics. The show was sponsored by BMW so there were "limited commercials," but they were just pretty much the same 3 BMW commercials played over. At the end, they showed a teaser of the season to come and it seems like Don Draper will be getting a new job. Can I just say, Peggy's bang situation needs to be resolved ASAP! All the other actresses who are the "secretaries" or typists in the office have great hairstyles, especially Joan. As Peggy comes into her job title more, I think she should start to develop a better look for herself. Perhaps Joan can help her achieve a more eye pleasing do before she gets married to that creepy doctor.

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