August 7, 2009

Jon Stewart- Most Trusted Man In News

With the passing of Walter Cronkite, many websites are reporting a new poll that says that the most trusted man in news currently is Jon Stewart. Don't be so shocked. Jon Stewart has been supplying most college students and younger their news. While the premise of the "Daily Show" is to be a comedic slant about the "real" news... yet it has come to surpass all other news channels. It is not only founded on jokes, especially the ones about Bush. Many people wondered, even the liberal New York Times questioned if Jon Stewart could stay vital to its viewers with no Bush. I personally found this bewildering because Mr. Stewart is an intelligent commentator on current issues, whether or not the president is favored by the public. There is plenty to report and the world will always be screwed up, providing exuberant amount of material for the producers. I feel the "Daily Show" is going strong and will continue to do so. I am not looking forward to Jon Stewart's departure from the show. Right now, I can't see a replacement that will be as witty and knowledgeable.

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