August 18, 2009

Fall Issues Slimming Down? I don't think so...

The Fall issues of fashion magazine greats, Elle and Vogue, hit the stands hard. Many sites have been reporting that these magazines will be feeling lighter than the typical Fall fashion preview editions. They didn't feel any lighter to me. Being a subscriber to Elle, I received several versions of a "front cover" with Ms. Aniston. I didn't really enjoy have to flip almost a 1/4 of the magazines thickness to get to the masthead! There were several flip out ads, one from the Gap and the lingerie company Vanity Fair. I have enjoyed the Elle "make-over" of their front covers with a more clean, old Hollywood glamour in black and white. However, I am SO over Jen, Charlize, Drew, etc. for the front covers. They just keep recycling the same 10 actresses. I did like that Elle put Megan Fox on the cover because she is not a typical women's fashion magazine cover girl (more of a Maxim girl), yet that doesn't mean she has nothing to offer to Elle readers.

Also featured in all these Fall fashion preview spreads are 80's...HIDEOUS EIGHTIES!! They are saying that the exaggerated shoulder (shoulder pads!) is something their readers should invest in. I have to totally disagree. Flipping through the Elle trend pages with the themes, I was mortified by pretty much all of the looks. Why do designers insist on bringing back the 80s?! The neon colors should be worn by the tween generation, not us more sophisticated ladies. I was getting infuriated by these magazines until I received the New York Times T Magazine, which had an article by David Colman commenting on the "Bolder Shoulder." He said the shoulder has been around ever since women were able to claim power. In the 80s they mostly for the "power suit" as women became a force to wrecken with at the office. He did say that the 80s shoulder was a spin on the 40s silhouette when women also had to go to work while the men were at war. Even if the 2009 shoulder is supposedly a revamping of a 40s shoulder... most of the looks scream 80s to me! I know designers "reinvent" previous decades in their designs but I didn't see a lot of creativity for Fall. Not only with their women of choice for the covers but also the designs chosen to inspire women's fashion for the upcoming season.

Then to wrap up my disappoint with the September issue of Elle (haven't had a chance to finish up Vogue) on the very last page (496) titled "Elle: Cherchez La Femme" was an interview with the great Ricky Gervais. He is a comedic genius from Britain, so there was plenty of room to write a great piece... but no! This person asked them every few questions a sex question-- a sex question?! I thought this was Elle. Maybe the person was trying to be funny, but it didn't work. Don't try to be funny with a comedian, just set him up to be funny for you! Elle if you ever need someone to interview a comedian for you, please let me!

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