August 10, 2009

Comedy Central's Roast of Joan Rivers

Last night on Comedy Central, it was the roast of the legendary Joan Rivers. One thought came to my mind... where were all the stars?! Did Joan really piss off that many people? The network clearly had Greg Giraldo (who?) on to promote his Comedy Central stand-up next week, but why was the lady from Howard Stern there? Don Rickles sent in a video of himself roasting Joan, but the only old comedy legend that came was Carl Reiner. It was a sad empty stage. I think Joan is an important figure (let alone woman) in comedy. Yes, yes, they all made fun of her plastic surgery but none could top her vulgarity and hard-hitting comebacks. I felt that she deserved a better Roast than she received. Comedy Central stop shoving unfunny "comics" down our throat during these types of events!

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