August 8, 2009

Book Review: "Much To Your Chagrin" by Suzanne Guillette

Recommended! Ms. Guillette's first book reveals more than just embarrassing stories, but about the human experience of learning about yourself through others. During the process of asking anyone who would listen for an embarrassing story for her new book, Ms. Guillette soon begins to see that life is writing a pretty sick joke for her as well. She learns that embarrassing doesn't necessarily have to mean funny or laugh out loud, but it could also be humiliation. I really enjoyed that she lived in New York and could include the aura of New York during certain moments. Written in the 2nd person voice, the stories from strangers tied in beautifully with her own life help you flip through the 403 pages. In the end, she learns a lesson that I think all of us will have to in our lifetime. Purchase the book online at: and have fun reading!

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