August 26, 2009

Anna Wintour Takes On Letterman

On Monday night, Anna Wintour appeared on the Letterman Show.
I was pretty bothered that a man like Mr. Letterman was interviewing a fashion legend because he really had no questions. He fumbled over trying to make conversation about fashion. I don't think that was the right approach since he knew nothing about fashion. He could have tried to make her more human by engaging in a more "What is your life like outside the magazine" conversation. Ask her what she does on the weekends. He wouldn't stop putting up the damn Vogue issue too!! I thought Ms. Wintour stayed true to herself. She sat quietly as Mr. Letterman struggled to come up with questions. She also gave him a shot remarking how the show hadn't contacted her until Friday to appear on the show. Maybe he could have had people write in questions for her that were pertaining to her fashion career, such as ME! I would have liked to known a few things, but I doubt she will be returning to the show again.

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