August 31, 2009

The 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Not that anyone really cared... but the Daytime Emmys were on last night. The first ever red carpet show was on an hour before the show, oddly the show was televised on the CW (Yeah, the Gossip Girl channel). The red carpet was pretty pathetic itself... very short and cardboard cut outs (that's what they looked like to me) of the Daytime Emmy statue. I didn't know 90% of the actors, nor did I care. Overall, it was mostly pageantry. It was certainly no Oscars. None of the dresses excited me. There was a lot of gray. Tamara Braun (who?) of Days of Our Lives who ended up actually winning the Supporting Actress award wore one of my favorite gowns. It was a simple elegant two tone gray halter dress that went to the floor. However, the back offered a flirtatious surprise with a real low cut and a little tail of extra fabric. Another Days of Our Lives actress who wore another gray gown I liked (although some may rip on her because she took a risk) was Rachel Melvin. She wore a gray dress that had black tool draped over the dress with a large (BIG!) flower scrunched out of the material on the front. I thought it was a relatively bold choice for a boring red carpet. She is young and beautiful so I give it to her.

For the older ladies...the legend Susan Lucci was one of the first on the carpet wearing what I thought was an age inappropriate dress (even though she looks fabulous) it was a little too much cleavage at 60. However, later in the show she modeled in a gold simple strapless dress that I thought looked better on her. Ellen followed the gray theme with her suspenders. She had her bed hair style going on with simple makeup. Lori Loughlin from 90210 impressed me with her lighter hair do, a soft peach evening dress that was cinched at the right hip with a jewel as well as at the shoulder. It went well with her skin, showed off her body well but was elegant. Jenny Garth I was not a fan of the matching the lipstick to the dress. The dress I felt aged her, it was too "Grandma" like. I liked the hair though.
For the men, I liked the younger guy's style. The Massey Brothers had smaller bow ties with little collar triangles over them. It was different than the long, black tie I saw on almost everyone. EJ Bonilla of Guiding Light followed the gray theme but mixed it up with his cobalt gray tie and darker gray for his shirt. It wasn't the black & white suit like most.

For the misses-- Wendy Williams (need I say more). In a neon green mess of a dress. There was a big rectangle under her bust that wasn't flattering. Alex Trebek had on a cream suit coat, black pants and a white shirt that did not at all match the color of his jacket-- oh and did I forget a red bow tie (that's right). Tyra Banks disappointed me. I think she could have been one of the only fashionable people there that evening, but she was boring. Simple hair, very little jewelry (although I did like the cuffs) and a snooze of a pink dress.

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