July 25, 2009

Latino Heat!

Maybe with the Supreme Court hearings of Judge Sotomayor, there has been a wave of South American/ "Latino" flavor this summer. In last Sunday's New York Times Style section Bill Cunningham photographed the latest craze in hats... the straw fedora (I myself have caught this fever) or the "Panama" hat. It is very Cuban mafia. With the talks of opening up trade with Cuba again constantly in the newspaper, I think much attention is moving South. There is a new hit song on the radio by Michael Franti titled "Say Hey" that has a very Reggae vibe that reminds you more of a "pop" version of what a Bob Marley love song could be. (Watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoaTl7IcFs8). I am sure this phase will die down once the weather starts cooling off. When there is snow on the ground, no one is thinking of wearing a straw brimmed hat. I think there will be a grand resurgence, of course, if we do lift the trade embargo with Cuba. We will go Cuba mad!

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